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Celestine Bed & Breakfast Full Branding


Create a full branding suite that's rich in culture & deeply connected to the brand's story.

Celestine is a Bed & Breakfast based in Florida, USA. The goal here was to create a visual identity that communicates a travel experience that offers a comfortable elegance that’s deeply rooted in and built to celebrate, preserve & share the love of community, family and black history.

Before After
Art Direction

Project direction & approach.

Celestine Bed & Breakfast revolves around the life of Celestine Elizabeth Toliver Harrison, who was the embodiment of generosity, love, and service towards others. Thus, her life and personality were poured into the overall identity and strategy for the company. Just like the logo’s main text was crafted from her signature.

Celestine Coaster-Mockup

Logo concept
and direction.

A representation of “community”, which is a core part of what Celestine stands to represent, is visualised by closely knit or connected people. Thus, the “Celestine” letters are seen to be all connected and linked with one another.

Also, an oak tree that’s planted in the soil is hidden within the visual identity. The oak tree is a significant part of the life of the brand, as it has become a core element that forms part of the memories and stories that would be told of Celestine (the Person); who she was, how she lived and where she lived. However, the oak tree now means much more…as a tree itself signifies family, togetherness, community & history.

Finally, the tree provides shade (i.e shelter) and acorns (i.e food; which is consumable after the necessary processing of course) for all who come under its branches. That’s literally bed and breakfast right there.

Celestine Throw Pillow - Mockup
Celestine Coaster-Mockup
Celestine Mug - MockUp
Brand Identity

A brand identity
that's rich in culture & meaning.

The client was very particular about the brand’s story and the fact that the essence and image of the company are being drawn from the person it is named after. Thus, the client was extremely satisfied with an identity that so much portrayed all that the company is built upon and around.


Meet the
contributing designer(s).

Art Direction

— Kizo Daniels

Creative Design

— Kizo Daniels


— 2020


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Brand Strategy, Art Direction & Identity
UI/UX Design
Print and Digital Asset Design
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