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What It Means To Be a Team Player, an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer.

Everyone has a place in all of these. Wherever it is, the most important thing is to be adding value and making an impact in people’s lives through whatever it is we’re doing.

The Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur has the kind of tenacity and doggedness that’s required for building a business, failing, and getting up again. An entrepreneur will never be satisfied or fulfilled working for someone else or a company. They have dreams and ideas that are waiting to be pursued.

However, if everyone was an entrepreneur, then there would be no team or staff to grow and build a company with, even theirs.

The Team Player

Team players have what it takes to help a company grow and expand steadily. Their greatest assets are their skills, commitment, and loyalty to building a company. They won’t survive trying to build a “struggling business” because they don’t have that kind of tenacity and doggedness that an entrepreneur has.

Now, if everyone was a team player or staff, then, there would be no companies to work for.

The Freelancer

A freelancer or independent contractor is “sort of” a hybrid of the previous two. Freelancers always have the feeling that they could be doing more. They rely on, and believe heavily in their skills and are not satisfied when it’s not acknowledged. They are team players and are in fact ready to be team players for tons of companies.

If everyone was a freelancer or independent contractor, then, both companies and staff wouldn’t exist.

Freelancers would rather work with tons of companies to realize and establish the worth for their skills. I said they are “sort of” a hybrid because they have a similar (but not the same) tenacity and doggedness that’s required to build a personal brand independently. That, as well as the team player spirit. A lot of people in this category can easily stay with one company as a team player if the company is paying adequately for their worth.

Now, what’s most important is to realize your path and walk in it. Be accommodating of other people’s paths. A team player shouldn’t be swayed by the path of an entrepreneur. Neither should the entrepreneur, the path of the team player. And well, a freelancer? Don’t just settle for less.

Kizo Daniels
Kizo Daniels
Creative Brand & UI/UX Designer | Creating designs and experiences that impact lives.

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