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6 Lessons I Learned from the movie – “Pursuit of Happyness”

So, I watched this movie; “The Pursuit of Happyness” recently. I know, I’m kinda late on that, but there are some really vital lessons and guides I learned from this movie that I believe everyone should know, especially during this pandemic and the impending recession.


Don’t be afraid to transition into a different line or career path, learn a new skill or a new job.

He went from a salesman to a stockbroker; having to learn a new job and intern under the worst personal financial conditions. A number of people are still trying to find themselves and understand where they fit. It all gets clearer.


Having amazing & understanding people around you would help you go further and keep moving.

His son was just too amazing. He’s loving and understanding, even at his age. The part where he pretended to see the dinosaurs after using the made-up time machine kicked the ball out of the court for me.


There will be breaking points where you will feel like giving up. Don’t!

Having his wife leave him, then going from an apartment to a motel while having to take care of himself and a kid is not funny. The worst part was; just when you thought he was doing okay, for the time being, the little money in his account got wiped out and now he’s kicked out of the motel into a homeless shelter. That’s crazy!


Keep working on yourself. Keep improving yourself while staying focused on your goals. Have tangible dreams you’re looking at and working towards. Having faith is important. Staying hopeful is essential.

Even when the things you’ve been working on don’t turn out the way you expected, keep moving! Don’t stay down.


Enjoy the little things. Always enjoy the little things on your journey.

Choosing to stay in a hotel with just $250 in your account after having to stay in a homeless shelter for weeks/months is just one of those.


Finally, when the things you have once hoped for, become your reality, don’t stop there. Lift your eyes and aspire for even greater heights.

However, don’t just aspire, work at it. Reinvent and build yourself for the next levels that you’re looking up to.

Guess what?

The breakthrough is just around the corner…

Watch the ending part of the movie – “The Pursuit of Happyness” here >>>

I’m sure you found these lessons from the Pursuit of Happyness helpful to you as well. So, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Kizo Daniels
Kizo Daniels
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