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The Ministry of the Wife Book Cover Design


Create a book cover design that speaks to the women in a simple, yet intriguing manner.

The Ministry of the Wife is a Christian book written to reveal what the assignment of a wife is beyond the traditional roles of a wife in a home. The goal was to create a cover design that connects with the target audience in a simple, yet intriguing manner.

Design Direction

Design direction
and concept.

The book talks about the fire that a woman carries in the place of supporting her husband. So, the focal point of the cover design is an abstract illustration of a woman’s figure with her head represented as a flame of fire. All of these is depicted within the context (sphere) of her marriage which is represented by the spherical/globe-like shape.

Product Branding

A simple,
yet intriguing design.

The book’s design combines the simplicity of design, rich colours that pop, and an intriguing abstract illustration – the right combination to jump at you from a bookshelf.

The Ministry of the Wife Book Cover Design

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Art Direction

— Kizo Daniels

Creative Design

— Kizo Daniels


— 2020


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