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3 Ways You Can Take Advantage of the Power of Google Discover

How many people have noticed a sudden spike in their website/blog’s traffic, and most of the traffic was coming from a recent post within a day or two of posting the article? Especially when you didn’t do any out of the ordinary things than you’ve regularly done?

What you’ve probably experienced is the power of GOOGLE DISCOVER. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the news cards you find on Google Chrome’s new tab (mobile) or on the Discover section of your Google mobile app.

How to Take Advantage of Google Discover

You probably don’t want me to bore you with all the intricacies of Google Discover, but here are 3 ways you can take advantage / continually take advantage of Google Discover…

1. Let your post title carry intent and be provoking/interesting enough for a potential reader to want to click on it. The title plays a big role, being one of the 3 things that form the news cards.

2. Always publish great quality niche-based content. Google Discover shows users articles based on their interest and searches. Google Discover is a big fan of fresh content to the web (as well as evergreen content), which is why you can get very good traffic to your post more quickly if the content is great and it speaks to the interest of people.

3. Use amazing eye-catching & high-quality images as your featured images.

Kizo Daniels
Kizo Daniels
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