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Brand Identity Branding February 13, 2020

Manifesto Mobile App Brand Identity


Create a minimalist and identifiable brand identity & app icon for the mobile app.

Manifesto is a habit-building & productivity app. The app makes use of time blocks to help users achieve their goals or build a new habit. The task here was to create a minimalist logo that would work perfectly as the brand identity as well as the app icon while helping the target audience identify with the app.

Before After
Art Direction

Project direction & approach.

As a habit-building app, the overall outlook of the identity had to be rounded. This is to depict the circular representation of how habits are formed, which is in the daily routines. A round-ish shape communicates the flow of habits and routines perfectly. Therefore, a rounded sans-serif font outlook was perfect for the logo.​​​​​​​

Manifesto Brand Identity
Manifesto App Icon

Logo concept
and direction.

The dashed blocks in the letter “m” depict the progression of how habits are built using time blocks (which is the core feature of the app). The dashed blocks are a pictorial representation of the time blocks present within the app.

Building new habits are harder to keep up with at first until we get a hang of them and do them without thinking. This is evident in the gaps between the blocks, and how the gaps’ heights continually reduce until there’s no longer any gap – which means that the habit has been formed.

Manifesto App Icon mockup
Manifesto Business Card
Manifesto Wall Mockup 2
Manifesto Drinking Bottle mockup
Manifesto Wall Mockup 1
Brand Identity

Clean, modern and
stylish brand identity.

The client really wanted a minimalist design and he absolutely fell in love with this identity exponentially. The identity is responsive and works for every placement possible.


Meet the
contributing designer(s).

Art Direction

— Kizo Daniels

Creative Design

— Kizo Daniels


— 2020


Overall customer
satisfaction rate.

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