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June 2, 2020

Recurrency Website Asset Design


Create better and brand consistent graphics that are visually appealing
for the app's landing page.

Recurrency is an artificial intelligence tool that helps wholesale distributors and B2B retailers automate and optimize their pricing and sales processes. The task here was to create better and visually appealing graphics for the app’s landing page.

Before After

Art Direction

Project direction & approach.

Being an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, an easy way to depict this visually is through the use of a brain diagram. This is seen in the isometric main header graphic as the floating engine that’s powering all the processes. As well as in the products graphics as the background shape itself.

Recurrency - Main Header Graphic
Recurrency - Product Graphics


Design concept
and direction.

The main concept is an AI brain with a chip in the heart of the AI brain. The chip fingers are what form the brain itself. Also, on the chip is incorporated in its heart a thunderbolt to communicate the acceleration that customers will experience in their pricing and sales processes when using Recurrency.

Website Assets

Creative and visually
appealing graphics.

The client loved the design direction and the end results so much that he dropped this review – “Daniel did a great job. He was super receptive to feedback, asked a lot of great questions that showed he really cared, and designed beautiful and informative graphics. In addition, he was blazingly fast: a full website in only a few days.”


Meet the
contributing designer(s).

Art Direction

— Kizo Daniels

Creative Design

— Kizo Daniels


— 2020


Overall customer
satisfaction rate.

Brand Strategy, Art Direction & Identity
UI/UX, Print & Digital Design
SEO: On-Page, Technical SEO, Keyword Research
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