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Sinoki Supra Social Media Branding


Create designs that push the company's products to the fore in an attractive and compelling style.

Sinoki Supra is a global motorcycle brand that manufactures different kinds of strong and high-powered bikes. Sinoki bikes largely portray a muscular physique as much as it also delivers great engine functionalities and durability. Their major goal is to deliver strong, fast and dogged motorcycles to motorcycle lovers and businesses that operate solely through the use of bikes. The objective here was to create designs that pushed the company’s products to the fore in an attractive and compelling way.

Art Direction

Project direction & approach.

A minimalist and clean approach that made the motorcycles and other products stand out in the designs amidst the beautifully combined colours and gradients was adopted.


Some of the creative
and compelling designs.

Scroll through some of the compelling designs and elements of this project below.

Sinoki Supra Social Media Branding - Sinoki Supra 3
Sinoki Supra Social Media Branding - Sinoki Supra 19
Social Media Branding

Beautifully crafted

Just like you have just fallen in love with these designs, the client also fell in love and was pleased with all designs delivered.

Sinoki Supra Social Media Branding

Meet the
contributing designer(s).

Art Direction

— Kizo Daniels

Creative Design

— Kizo Daniels


— 2019 — 2020


Overall customer
satisfaction rate.

Brand Strategy, Art Direction & Identity
UI/UX, Print & Digital Design
SEO: On-Page, Technical SEO, Keyword Research
Web Design - WordPress
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